Who Else Would Like To Give Up Work
And Make Their Fortune On The Internet Instead?

There's Gold On The Internet!

Finally, Discover How To Actually Start Making Money Online …
(Instead Of Just Buying Stuff That Prevents You From Realizing Your Dreams)

Dear Fellow Job Hater,

How would you like to have an extra $50,000 (or a whole lot more) in your bank account by this time next year?

If so, then please read on, because in the next few minutes you are going to discover a proven method of making money on the Internet…

… No, not in the way thousands of other gurus or their clones have been preaching about making Crypto Investments, Gambling or Trading Forex in your spare time…


… A method, which, incidentally, is A TIME TESTED WAY various millionaires have consistently been making their fortunes for hundreds of years…

As an example the very first time I did this myself, I generated $5,815 in the first 5-days, so yes, I can speak from experience when I say THIS REALLY WORKS!

… And yes, it works on the Internet too…  A method that can have you making money online yourself in 31 days (or less) GUARANTEED.

There’s Gold On The Internet!...
… But Not Where You First Expect To Find It

Most people (perhaps that includes you), miss out on hundreds or even thousands of Golden Opportunities to make money each year.

For some it’s because they’re not ready to find such an opportunity…

But, more often than not, for most, it’s because you’re continually being actively MISLED or MISDIRECTED…

Hordes of self appointed gurus are deliberately misleading you about how they really make money online.

That all stops today!

To explain what I mean, let me share with you a 172 year old case-study, that perfectly illustrates the point.

In 1849 when Sam Brannan ran down the street in California shouting “There’s Gold in the Californian river!”…. That announcement kicked off the entire Californian Goldrush.

In the years that followed, around 300,000+ people flocked to California with the hope of finding their fortune, by looking for gold in the dirt.

While some succeeded… and a few even became super rich and famous as a result… Most of the 49’ers who migrated to California failed miserably.

Not everyone found gold.

But, for those that did, they soon ended up spending everything they had made, thanks to the cost of living…

… Not to mention the drinking, fighting (and other night-time shenanigans) … It all took its toll on the wallets of the gold diggers.

After all, everyone that tuned up in California needed somewhere to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear… and tools to work with (such as Picks, Maps, Shovels and Pans) because they did not think to bring such things with them when they left home to start their epic adventure.

And even when they had everything they needed to live and work, they then needed a way to trade the gold for cash… and a bank in which they could safely deposit their ‘newfound wealth’.

… That’s how Sam Brannan, Levi Strauss and Wells & Fargo made their fortune during this period.

And this all makes sense right?

These successful entrepreneurs weren’t the ones actually ‘digging for gold’ themselves… They simply helped other people to participate in The Goldrush.

The fact is, making money online has been silently working in EXACTLY the same way for the last 20+ years.

The people making the ‘real money’ online are still the people selling the tools and services that are needed by the ‘online goldminers’ who want to take part in the ‘online goldrush’.

For example, anyone selling domain names, web hosting and automation software is effectively ‘selling tools’ to goldminers…

… And every author, speaker, coach, consultant and course creator is effectively selling ‘maps to the gold’

My point?

You are going to start stacking the deck your favor…  

… And you’ll start making money online much faster when you stop buying picks, maps and shovels …

You know what I’m talking about… All the things showing you how to make money with Crypto, Forex, Gambling, Amazon, eBay, Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Etsy etc. etc…

… Take my advice…  Start selling them instead!

Because let’s face it… While you can genuinely make money with each of these individual ideas… 

You can make a whole lot more as an Information Marketer that publishes and sells these types of plans and how-to guides to other people to use instead.

And that’s what I want to open your eyes to today.

The opportunity of selling information, rather than simply buying it.

If I could sum everything up for you in a sentence it would be this.

Where all those self-appointed gurus have been telling you to dig for gold… And where the gold REALLY IS…  Are in two very different places.

They are ‘really’ in the business of selling picks, maps and shovels to Goldminers.

And once you know this…  You’ll never look at another online business opportunity, whether it’s Amazon, Crypto or just about anything else in the same way ever again.

Five Reasons Why Information Marketing Is Perhaps The Best Business In The World (Ever).

This really is the best business in the world ever, especially when you consider:


You can set yourself up in the information marketing business in record time and have several products up and online and be ready to sell in multiple niches (or adapt to new trends) in a matter of days.


You do not have to write / create any of the Information Products that you sell in your business yourself (you can license them from others for a modest fee) and keep 100% of the profits from every sale you make.


How easily you can get started on a tight shoe-string budget and then grow and automate the majority of your everyday tasks…


The amount of profit you make is not linked to the number of hours you work each day/week/month. But instead is linked to the number of customers that happily buy from you and give you money. (And some days, during a launch promotion, that can be a lot of customers buying your products).


Getting started involves less money than most people would spend on a Saturday night take-away, and the returns are quite frankly impossible for normal people to comprehend.

In a moment I will explain how you can get started for ‘peanuts’ compared to any other kind of business… and also how you can get started completely risk free.

But first, let me ask you a couple of questions to see whether the life of an information marketer is right for you.

If, like me, you share this dream… Then I’d like to share with you a way to ‘once-and-for-all’ turn your finances around… and finally start to make some money online.

Let me show you where THE REAL MONEY is to be found online.

Introducing The Brand New Information Goldrush 31 Day Training Program

Well, I’ve done something about it. The result is that I have produced an information-packed easy-to-follow 31-day training guide called, The Information Goldrush.

A system I truly believe can rapidly change your life.

Why should I do this?

After all, am I not simply creating competition for myself by introducing you to the idea of selling information products (aka picks, maps and shovels) online for yourself?


If you understood the Information Marketing business (as you soon will), you wouldn’t actually even ask that, because the demand for information online each day is just so incredibly huge … and it’s getting bigger by the day.

And this means that the possibilities, and sheer number of people seeking information online today, is almost infinite.

In fact, a recent study has shown that the Information Marketing industry is busier than ever due to the recent Pandemic and is expected to reach a whopping 1 trillion dollars a year by the end of 2027.

This is a growth industry and one you’d be clever to get started with.

A Step-By-Step Program That Will Teach You How To Find Your First Golden Opportunity In 31 Days Or Less...

For the first time, a step-by-step system that anyone can follow despite their age, location or past experience.

What you’ll discover is the simple process you can use like clockwork to uncover a very healthy profit for yourself each and every month. 

The same process by the way, which has enabled others to bank between $5,000-$15,000 dollars each and every month.

In fact, some people have generated much more than that.

Take Dave Gries for example, he set up a project recently, following the exact same steps you’re about to discover … He ended up banking $7,540 in just 7 days.

Here’s what he recently said about the experience:

“We took a front-end product I’d been selling for $17, bundled some other stuff with it… and last week we sold 52 copies at $145 each!”

And he is not the only one having fun selling picks, maps and shovels to Goldminers.

I’ve just found a whole list of other people having just as much success.

Here’s another half a dozen of them…

K DeVries generated $13,361.40 between the 16th September and the 17th September 2021.

M Brown generated $39,916.30 between the 23rd October and the 26th October 2021.

D Sumner generated $14,737.80 between the 26th October and the 31st October 2021.

S Mellor generated $6,766.50 between the 28th October and the 5th November 2021.

N Long generated $5,046.90 between the 25th October and the 28th October 2021

C Gupta generated $4,332.20 between the 3rd November and the 4th November 2021

Just look at the dates… These are all recent…

And I could go on and on.

But I think you get the point, selling simple information products (aka picks, maps and shovels to Goldminers) is a fantastic business to get into.

But listen, while I haven’t got much space in this letter to reveal everything to you, I would like to point out some of the things you’ll not only learn, but master, when you get your personal copy of the Information Goldrush course today…

I Truly Can’t Imagine Anyone Who Couldn’t Make Money From This

Well, I could go on and on, but I’m sure you are beginning to get the picture. There is so much in this breakthrough 31-day program … remarkable information which you’ll be discovering for the first time.

It will teach you the real power behind the information marketing business … it will show you how ordinary, everyday people like you and me are able to make so much money from marketing simple information products online.

In fact, armed with this knowledge, I truly can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t make money from this. 

In addition, it’s such a very simple business to get into, and it really does open up so many income opportunities, some of which you may not even yet be aware of.

I know I have over delivered creating this 31-day training program.

… And if I’m being completely honest with you, I know there will be a few gurus out there who sell courses and membership sites on crypto, forex, gambling etc, that may be more than a little annoyed with me for exposing exactly how most of them really make the majority of their money, – because it’s not from what they teach… it’s about how they are teaching it.

But listen, I am not worried about them. Right now, this is all about you. And helping you get started in this wonderful online world of information publishing.

So, What's The Deal For This Exclusive Information Goldrush Package?

So, what’s the deal for this exclusive 31-day training program?

Surprisingly a lot, lot less than I bet you’re thinking of right now.

In fact, you are going to be very pleasantly surprised … I guarantee it. Before I tell you however, I should let you know about something else which I’m including with the program with my compliments when you get your copy today.

A Free Bonus Pack Worth $97 Which Includes:

When I put this Information Goldrush package together, I wanted to do a really good job. I wanted to give you something which would really help you get easily started into this wonderful business in the shortest possible time.

So along with the core training program I’m going to give you the following items.

Bonus 1: A Proven, Simple, Sales Letter Template

In order to sell your information products to your customers, you’re going to need something called a salesletter (much like the one you’re reading right now), to explain the benefits of your product and make your offer.

Because I want you to have everything you need to get started… As a bonus you’re going to also get a fill-in-the-blanks sales-letter template that you can use to quickly and easily create an advertisement for your profitable package. This way, you can be up and running in minutes rather than days, because all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Bonus 2: Your Profitable Info Product Package Checklist

While your 31-day guide gives you a complete step-by-step process for going from zero to a making your first sale online, to help ensure no single step is missed, just print off this handy checklist so you don’t miss anything – Simple!

Bonus 3: Special Report: How To Create And Give Away Free Sample To Boost Your Sales Even Higher

While some people will visit your website and will instantly want to become customers, others may need a little more time to make up their mind… And may require some additional reassurance that they’re making the right decision making a purchase.

The best way to help these prospects overcome any concerns is to immediately provide value to them for free.

Demonstrate to them just how good your information is by offering a free special report in return for their contact information… And then following up with your prospect by email. And that’s why this mini-guide explains and gives you an easy-to-follow, four-step process for creating profitable free reports in much the same way as the main guide shows you how to use ready-made content for the paid product (but using a secret UBI technique).

Bonus 4: 50 Templates You Can Use
To Create High-Converting Titles

One of the keys to creating a profitable offers is to be sure you have compelling titles for each individual piece as well as the package as a whole. That’s why you’re going to love these 50 titling templates, which makes it quick and easy for you to come up with all the compelling names for your new product offers!

Bonus 5: 40 Really Clever Ways to Use Ready Made Licensed Content

Throughout the main guide, you’ll discover how to take existing ready-made content (written by other people) and then get written permission to turn this content into a profitable package of products that you can sell online and keep 100% of the profits.

However, that’s not the only way to use this type of ready-made content. The truth is, you can use it to create other types of products, build relationships with your audience, and even generate traffic with it. This list gives you 40 ideas that you put to work in your business – starting immediately.

Each of these bonus items could actually be sold as a stand-alone product in its own right, but instead I would like to give them to you with my compliments when you request your copy of Information Goldrush today.

Okay Rupen, Count Me In... But How Much Is The Information Goldrush Training Program

“Okay, fair enough. So how much is this entire 31-day training program? How much for a program which will teach me all I need to know about the information publishing business together with an excellent bonus package of additional accessories and resources.

Well, if I told you that I would normally sell a home study course like this for around $297, but that I was going to make a very special offer to you, how much do you think it would be? …

Possibly, $197?

Maybe, if I’m being really generous, you might think that I’d knock $200 off and make it available for $97?

WRONG! Because right now I am knocking off a massive $260 and giving you the opportunity to own the entire Information Goldrush training program for just $37

Believe me, this is real.

The bonus package and accessories I have included in this package alone are worth a lot more than this, but because I want to put this amazing information into the hands of as many people as possible right now…

… I’m more than happy to sell a few of these Information Goldrush training programs to new/existing customers at the massively reduced price of just $37 

Oh, and if you’re wondering how good such a product could be for such a low price, let me answer you.

Often low price means low quality, we both know that, but very occasionally you do get incredible value … this just happens to be one of those times.

Honestly, it’s a great deal, and I’m sure you already appreciate that, but if you are still unsure about either the quality or the information publishing business itself, why not take another look at those recent case studies I shared with you earlier.

They can’t all be flukes or coincidences.

However, despite all this, I’d still like to give you the chance to review the complete Information Goldmine 31-day training program in privacy of your own home WITHOUT ANY RISK OR OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER.

100% RISK-FREE Money-Back Guarantee…

And I’ll make it very straightforward guarantee by the way. If after reviewing everything in the comfort of your own home, you don’t think you can make money with selling picks, maps and shovels to goldminers, (aka simple information products) then fine, just send me an email to that effect WITHIN 30 DAYS and I’ll refund your $37 in full. That’s it.


You don’t have to explain to me why you don’t want to continue… or produce evidence that you’ve tried the system out. NOTHING!

Furthermore, even if you do decide to request a refund, you are free to keep everything with my compliments … that’s the 31 day training program itself … And the entire contents of the Bonus Package of accessories (when you order today)… Just for taking a look at this amazing opportunity.

They’ll be yours with my compliments, whatever you decide.

Put An End To Your Money Worries Forever And Make Your Fortune On The Internet Instead…

Okay, with that said, I guess it’s now over to you.

All I can add, just in case you’re still not sure, is that I truly believe wholeheartedly that Information marketing in this way is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make serious money.

But you have to do something about it NOW!

It’ll be no good looking back in years to come and thinking, if only…

When instead you should be retired and enjoying life the way YOU want.

If you seriously want a stress-free, risk-free way to make Several Thousand Pounds Profit Every Month, I can tell you now … having seen virtually everything that’s been offered before … you’ll NEVER get a better opportunity than the one you have this very second.

I’m not promising this will make you a millionaire overnight, but it can show you how to get to the point at which you have no financial worries relatively quickly … and I might add, without having to work around the clock to do it.

In a nutshell, what I’d like to send to you, so you can review it and test it from the comfort and security of your own home for a whole month, is something that will show you how to really pan for gold and generate an additional monthly income that could really set you upon a new path to financial independence.

It’s absolutely fascinating.

Now, that’s got to be worth at least making the effort to review this potentially life-changing information. No pressure … Just take a look at it at home and decide for yourself if it’s for you or not.

You can even ‘test drive’ the program while you’re making your mind up. Even try it out if you like …

And it couldn’t be easier to do. In fact, all you need to do to get started is press the button below and securely make your request, then immediately after your request has been processed you will be able to instantly download everything… (Even if it’s 2am in the morning where you are right now).

Do this now and in a few minutes, you’ll have in your possession something I can testify from my own personal experience, will get your heart racing and your mind spinning with thoughts of the lifestyle you could enjoy from running a profitable information publishing business.

The sooner you do it, the sooner you can start… and I’m not just talking about making the living you deserve, but having fun doing it too.

Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read this page. I promise, as soon as you make your request, you’ll be able to begin…

… As I have already prepared A SPECIAL VIDEO for you to immediately watch as your first lesson.

You will want to have a piece of paper and a pen handy because it will contain details of a simple 3-step process to really hit the ground running and begin ‘panning for gold’ online in the shortest possible time.

Sound good?

Then get started right now and click the button above and secure your package …

Here’s to your continued success




Rupen Doshi

P.S. The potential and possibilities from this are just so huge. And you’ll never get a better, or more inexpensive way of learning about this amazing business. But I don’t want you just to take my word for it, I really want you to find out for yourself. And that means taking action right now by requesting your copy of this unique programme today.

P.P.S. You have NOTHING TO LOSE whatsoever. You are completely covered by our 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. If you decide that this is not for you after reviewing the complete training program… Just reach out to me by email and let me know. I’ll return your money and we can then shake hands and part as friends. Plus, you’ll also be welcome to keep everything you have downloaded with my compliments.