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Count Down Timer To The End Of The Launch Promotion

Count down timers can help to add scarcity and urgency to any offer. You will see there is a count down timer on the sales page for this very reason.

If you would like to add a count down timer to any of your emails (or webpages), you can use the following code to add a count down timer to your marketing materials.

<table align=”center”><tbody><tr><td><img src=”https://gen.sendtric.com/countdown/ovc21jh0m1″ style=”display: block;max-width:100%” /></td></tr></tbody></table>

This html code inserts a gif image into your email / webpage, which will count down to the end of the campaign. There are no redirects and nothing will happen when the counter reaches zero.

Take a look at the preview below to see how this timer looks….

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Instructions To Create Your Links

Instructions: Our affiliate program is handled by JVZoo. If you do not already have a JVZoo account you can open one for free by clicking here.

Step 1. Request to be an affiliate. Once you have a JVZoo account you can click here to request permission to promote Information Goldrush.

Step 2. Once approved you can begin promoting using the default links provided to you by JVZoo and also by also customizing the tools below with your JVZoo account number. To watch a video showing you how to find your JVZoo account number within your JVZoo account click here.

Step 3. 

5-Day Campaign Series Of Emails

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